Is SEO a Scam?

So after another busy week here at twoot SEO, one pattern has been very consistent from the number of new clients we have took on this week.


The most common factor is that these companies and company owners understand SEO, the need for SEO and want to either build their brand, attract more customers or gain more sales. The second most common factor is that they have been paying for services that have not given results? WHY....?


We have analysed a lot of potential clients websites this week and over 70% of them showed no on-site optimisation work or analysis, issues with H1 tags, site mark-up, structure etc etc Ok so this may not be the fault of their chosen SEO company it could have been advised for the webmaster to undertake and it was not done. Its possible....


BUT more importantly over 90% of the SEO analysis we undertook showed zero to almost little SEO work done, and if done it was purely a few spammy backlinks, forum posts, and at most a couple of hours work per month for hundreds of pounds spent.


We also found that the poor work and service was consistent from your one man band 'SEO Experts' right through to large city based agencies and I think the issue is the lack of understanding your clients needs, targets and goals. It really seems there is no focus on building long term business relationships that allow both parties to grow, develop and succeed but more of a 'churn & burn' mentality which is a sales strategy and not a service strategy.


At twoot we even at time have had to turn a client away on the basis that the website is not ready for SEO, or ready to make conversions if we get the traffic to it or even if the clients expectations are unrealistic.


We can promise any potential client one thing and that is we will listen, analyse and propose a solution that delivers! Simple.