What would you Pay for a Lead / Sale?

Another Exciting week at twoot SEO and a question we often get asked by potential new clients is...


"So how many sales / leads will I get if I use you guys?"


Well it's a worthy question, one I would ask myself if I was using a service that offers to promote my business. One it always reminds me of that classic saying "you can take a horse to water, but you cant make him drink" and this much is also true about Search Engine Optimisation and even more so about Local SEO


twoot SEO WILL drive more traffic and more enquiries to your website / product but the key factor then is to make sure that your site is offering / delivering the product or service that matches what your potential consumer is looking for.


The customer has arrived at your website because they have a need for a service or are looking for a product but the deliverable factor is the ultimate selling / conversion point. This is where we can help with on-site SEO to ensure that your website clearly meets and defines the objective of delivering the product to meet your customers 'need'!