Are you SEO ready for 2018

With 2018 fast approaching, have you already adapted or planned your online SEO strategy for the New Year ahead?


Whether you want to expand on Social Media, Climb the rankings or grow your brand, one thing is clear and that is you need to plan and pro-actively manage your campaign. At twoot SEO we manage our campaigns into blocks - Weekly, Monthly and then Quarterly targets. This allows us to plan ahead depending on a clients campaign, for example our eCommerce and retail clients will move their targets into seasons, for clothing, being Summer/Winter etc


Our Local SEO clients like trades may want a particular extra boost in the winter if they are a trade like a plumber, or an extra boost in spring/summer if they are a Landscape gardener etc


Understanding your clients needs and helping them understand how to manage a SEO campaign that works throughout the year to deliver maximum results for them is key and something we at twoot SEO excel at.


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